I have sung all the lullabies I know. I have told and re-told his favorite stories. My voice is tired, my eyelids droop, and still, my toddler wiggles and squiggles in my arms. He would not sleep. I pray a silent prayer, he pokes my lips driving his little finger against my teeth. My disapproving grunt is met with his victorious giggles. Then he covers my cheeks with kisses. “I love you, Mommy,” he says. “I love you, too, Son. Now go to sleep,” In the dark, I wait for him to settle down while I plan for what is left of the night.

November showers

moon behind the clouds – thawing

in the breath of spring


Hello.  I am guest-hosting DVerse’s Haibun Monday.  The theme this week is “Waiting”.  I invite you to  write your open response to the prompt and share your work with us and/or read the offerings of the community.  I am sure there will be one or two or more that you will enjoy. 🙂


20 thoughts on “A LULLABY NIGHT

  1. marvelous prompt today Imelda, so glad to see you hosting! ah i recall those nights when they are so wide awake and i am so sleepy and then the Mama kisses that melt me. am sure your heart thawed too like in your haiku. wonderful write!

  2. So sweet and completely familiar: firstly with my daughter all those years ago and last week with my grandson, who isn’t quite nine months old. He is actually very good for going to bed.

  3. Sounds like lots of love around you, Imelda. That is something that is priceless 🙂 Lovely haiku. It has a bit of cold but still a bit of warmth to it. Here in Australia it is almost summer but the weather has been still thawing out. Lovely to hear you hosting over there on Dverse Poets. You work is wonderful, and reaches and touches so many 🙂

  4. Perfectly paced and beautiful, I agree with Miz Jade 🙂, the intimacy is wonderful. A mix of joy and trepidation, I read it ensconced in my own insomnia, I untempered by the joy of offspring, but excited for my own big day, made me smile. The haiku traces from heaven to Home, the moon is giggling I think

  5. A mother’s job is never ending, smiles. Love the waiting for the child to sleep and tender exchange of love. I can’t wait for that breath of spring.

    Thank you for hosting Imelda.

  6. Beautiful prose and poem. Such a tender moment. I remember those days well–the being so tired and wanting the child to sleep mixed with the love. And then when they get older, there’s the waiting for them to get home. 🙂

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