Velvet Fragrance

Her fragrance was one I could only dream of when I was young. Though the smell of Ylang-ylang and Rosal, more popularly known as Gardenia, infused the air around me, still I longed for the scent of a rose. Yes, roses grew in our area, but they did not have that rose smell that I only learned about in books and TV. Even the roses that were commercially available, beautiful as they were, lacked the fragrance that I was looking for.

So intent was I in fulfilling this rose-scented dream that when I got the chance to have a little flower garden, roses topped the list of plants I decided to plant. Needless to say, fragrance was a major consideration in the choice of roses.  Of the varieties (that are still) growing in the garden, Velvet Fragrance is a favorite. Its perfume, for me, sums up all that is beautiful and magical about roses. In previous years, there was Frederic Mistral whose scent rivaled and even surpassed Velvet Fragrance’s. When it was in bloom, its flowers filled the surrounding air with fragrance so strong and sweet that I stayed a little longer in the yard just to enjoy it.

Winter is often a depressing time for me and that winter after I gave birth to my youngest was even more so. To alleviate some post partum blues, I splurged on rose scented body and bath products. Inhaling the familiar and beloved aroma not only reminded me of rose gardens but also made me feel beauty even when all of me said otherwise.

The scent of a rose
a balm for the weary soul
carrying a thorn

Mary Magdalene Rose


For DVerse’ Haibun Monday:  Murmuration and Poetics: Comfort Smells


18 thoughts on “THE SCENT OF A ROSE

  1. ethereal and yet so down to earth in its warmth and tenderness. you weaved the prompts so exquisitely together. I always wondered why we never get a whiff of roses as we pass them but only on close inspection the scent is so alluring. your mindfulness is amazing Imelda. i love roses for their delicate beauty, never the fragrance and that’s the wonder of nature isn’t it. how a flower can be loved for all it is or separately. a balm for a weary soul was a most beautiful line of poetry.

  2. Roses are so different…and for many years roses were all about looks and the scent got lost along the way… there are some old roses that really smell good… If you can get it “Rose de Recht” is a very nice rose…

  3. Love the fragrance of the roses. Good for you to indulge in rose scented products, you deserve it. Thanks for joining us Imelda and wishing you happy weekend.

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