Silence is the sanctuary of my soul.
It is the shell that turns sand into a pearl.
Within its confines, words lose meaning and become
the ripples that disturb the serene surface.
How lovely is this silence.
How fragile is the stillness.
I hide and burrow deeper in its comforts.

From within,
I see the world laughing and loving
and passing me by.

Yet, I bear the weight of silence,
my voice struggles beneath
the weight of its sweet seduction.

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15 thoughts on “AN ANATOMY OF SILENCE

  1. That first line speaks volumes…and so does the last line which makes the poem come full circle. Silence is a time when we can be ourselves but at the same time we hear our own voices more strongly than ever. Our voice, our thoughts they we might so be tempted to act upon. Cute image of the bird in the pond…lovely reflection but it looks a bit sad lol. Have a good weekend 😊

  2. I share these feelings about silence. It can be so rewarding. A certain richness is found in the resulting reflections we experience in silence and when observing the rest of the world passing by.

  3. Sometimes words and thoughts can be our own enemies and it can becomes a struggle between solace and the need to be heard. I love your title!

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