afternoon light2

Sunsets sing my sorrows
Tender my heart beats
Under the glow of distant stars
visions of you make me long for the old home
when I was young and just dreaming of now. My thoughts
cross the oceans to be with you again.

afternoon light BW

Written for Lillian’s Dverse Poets’ Pub’s Meeting the Bar prompt – An Alphabet Sestet, i.e., a poem with 6 lines, each line beginning with the letters of the chosen alphabet group. Here, it is S-X, except that for the line corresponding to X, I used the word “cross” to begin the line.

20 thoughts on “IMMIGRANT

    1. Thanks, Gina. πŸ™‚ I have been thinking of family lately and a bit sad about not being able to visit them more often, especially my parents who are getting older and frailer .

  1. Very clever use of the form; substituting “cross” for “X” completely hid the alphabet sestet for me. Such a passionate message, my ancestors all nodding fervently in agreement. I love the sense of moving back and forth through time while crossing the wide spaces.

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