Crickets chirped in the moon-kissed night
The ticking minutes wore down my spirits
The bed creaked,
the sheets swished


Oh, where was sleep?

Cars rolled down the city street;
the freight train honked. Weren’t they beat
from plying through daytime’s heat?
And here I tossed
and here I turned
envious of the snoring in the room

the seconds tocked
the hours bonged
still, the crickets hummed their monotone.

But sleep, oh sleep,
where had it gone

Somewhere between the tossing and turning
engines’ hum and crickets’ song
my burdensome thoughts and a precious yawn,

silence fell
and dreams began
ending only when the senses picked
the sizzle of a bacon-infused sun.

Finally! A post before the month ended. I missed blogging and it was frustrating not to be able to write a post.
Written for DVERSE’s Meeting the Bar with Onomatopeia.

21 thoughts on “INSOMNIA

  1. so good to read your words here Imelda, hope you have been well. the last stanza was brilliant, we always seem to have the best sleep just before we need to wake

    1. Hi, Gina. Thanks for reading. I am glad you enjoyed. 😀 I am doing well except that life has been quite busy lately. I thought I’d have a more laid back summer until the children decided they wanted to begin the new school year in July. Between that and the lack of inspiration, there was no room for poems and such. What a pity! 😁 You? I hope all’s good with you.

      1. wonderful to hear from you Imelda, I have been just as busy, a good busy, been a year since my loss and getting better everyday though I fret that everything I write may be associated with that, it not always is, but people are so kind and loving I allow them to think it maybe!

        Once the school year gets more organised maybe we will see more of your poetry, and photographs , i simply adore how you transmute the photos into words. you have a lovely gift of linking us with nature.

        be well my sweet friend!

      2. Hi, Gina. Here I am, belatedly replying to a conversation. I apologize for that. Sometimes, I am lost about what to prioritize – reading blogs and replying to conversations. Ay!

        You are one brave and strong lady. I am glad you well and good amidst all you have and are going through. My prayers are with you. Be not worried about what others may think and say (ah, coming from one who worries about what people will say, too, sometimes). Write what moves you. One magic of writing is that once it is out of your hands, it takes a life of its own, one that you may not even have thought of while making your piece. So write, and have fun writing. 🙂

        As for me, I do have difficulty writing these days. Sometimes, I think I have exhausted the topics I want to write about have just run out of words to say. I hope to be able to post hopefully once a week to keep this page current.

  2. Love this poem about insomnia, Imelda. You just about captured every sound you hear when you are tossing and turning at night 😁 As singledusr said, the last stanza was brilliant. ‘Bacon infused sun: reminds me of how some of us like to start our day with fried sizzling bacon as morning breakfast 🥓😁 Hope you are well, Imelda ☺

    1. Let this be our secret – the bacon appears only once in a while. But when it does, the morning gets a tad nicer (especially after having a near sleepless night. 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed reading your poem with my breakfast this morning.
    It is beautifully written and after last night I recognised the feelings so well.
    We have to find that big yawn earlier. 😊 .


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