Photo taken using a Motorola G6 phone.


Fly high, young bird. Your hour has come.

Let fall a feather to remember you by –

free and exultant in the summer skies.

Faith be on your wings, and perseverance, too

favorable winds will not always be for you

Forge ahead though fear engulfs your heart

fortune kisses him who does not give up.



I was aiming for a pleiades but I missed it by so many syllables.  To be a pleaides, the poem should have seven lines with 6 syllable in each line.  Each line should begin with the same letter as the title.  Since I could not do the form anyway, I moved “let” to the second stanza from its original  position as the last word of the first stanza.  I chose the form with the I wrote this for  Septets for DVerse’s Seventh Anniversary prompt in mind. 🙂  A fluffy feather that I saw on the ground this morning inspired the piece.

18 thoughts on “FLEDGLING

  1. It is a very creative way you went about the poem, Imelda. Such an uplifting poem with quite a lot of poem. When we feel that we can fly, we feel light and free – and so apt that the feather inspired your words. Hope you are well and summer is going great for you 🙂

  2. I especially liked the sound and sense of the second line: “Let fall a feather to remember you by” It feels like letting a child who is now an adult go off on their own.

  3. This really captures what a young bird with a downy feather is up against. Yes, the poem captures this through your own prompt of the feather. Great detail in the photos too.

  4. I can hear a mother’s voice to a younster (or young bird) ~ Love the wise and encouraging words ~ I too have a bird feather, dropped on the ground and I keep it for posterity.

  5. Love the image….love the message. I move far beond the young bird here…..
    When we were pregnant with our first child (45 years ago!), someone gave me a framed saying – which now hangs in my daughter’s home:
    The best things a parent can give their child is roots and wings.

    1. That saying is wise and true. There was a time when I felt so rootless and lost. Well, one way or the other, a person will get lost somehow but a strong support system would be quite handy to have when or if that time comes.

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