Daisies bobbing in the meadows
warblers swaying in the reeds
kites soaring to the heavens
sunshine pouring on the fields
set up the summer stage
and spirits dancing with the wind.

Crickets chirping on the grass
leaves rustling in the breeze
birdsongs wafting from the treetops
river gurgling as it streams
play a summer symphony
lulling thoughts to dreams.

Children cavorting beneath the sun
butterflies gliding through the warmth
thundershowers steaming up the air
sultriness hovering almost round the clock
turn the wheels of summer
from exuberance to dismay and back.



The bird in the picture is a yellow warbler, a bird that always fascinated me as I used to see them only in winter time when visiting Maine.  However, one early evening, during this summer visit, I chanced upon a flock of yellow warblers in my mother-in-law’s garden.  Of course they all scampered away as soon as they sensed my presence.  Each day since then, I tried to get closer to them and get a picture.  Unfortunately for me, my camera does not have a long enough zoom to take closer pictures of them.  I was lucky to get the above photo (a big chunk of which was cropped) which, for all its limitations, I consider special because of the idyllic picture it shows. 🙂


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12 thoughts on “SUMMER

  1. This is so wonderfully vivid and lovely!💜I can picture “birdsongs wafting from the treetops”.. in your poem! Happy 4th to you too 😊

    1. Thanks, Colline. 🙂 There is just something so magical about birds, isn’t there, that we can stand mesmerized by one for minutes. 🙂

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