Planted by the wind
watered by rain
a seed grows in the garden
A rose, by the looks of it
Will it be an English rose or something wild
that suffocates all other shrubs
for now
I will let it grow
until it flowers


One of the pleasures of  preparing the spring garden is finding volunteer seedlings from the previous year’s fruits.  I would normally find tiny tomato and parsley plants.  Sometimes there’d be lettuce.  One year, we got watermelon seedlings two years after we had watermelons in the garden.  Yesterday, I had a most curious find – a seedling that looks like a rose plant.  I am both awed and pleased by this discovery because this plant seemed to have started from seed.  Considering that there are several varieties of rose plants in the yard in addition to the wild one that grows in the edges, I wonder what this plant will be like.

DVERSE:  Quadrille – the word is “Rain”.

18 thoughts on “SEEDLING

    1. Unfortunately, the wild rose that grows here grows all over and can outcompete the other plants. This wild rose has clusters of white flowers the size of a dianthus.

  1. What a lovely poem, Imelda. It sounds so sweet. I’m guessing the wild plant will grow into something very beautiful. Maybe it will grow into a flower you’ve never seen before. Sometimes you just don’t know what seeds a wind can blow right at you 🙂 Lovely capture as usual. Your photography is always on point no matter how busy your life is. Summer is right around the corner for you, so happy summer 🙂

    1. I do hope the plant is of something beautiful. I am so excited about it I check how it is doing everyday! 🙂 Thanks for the kind words, Mabel. 🙂

  2. I love finding those little surprises in the garden! This spring we have masses of forget-me-nots from somewhere. I especially like the lines:
    ‘Planted by the wind
    watered by rain’,
    the best gardeners!

  3. What a lovely surprise in your yard, Imelda. Somehow, as I read your poem, in particular the line about the new shoot suffocating other shrubs and your tentative permission towards it, I was wondering if this was about some kind of relationships. A thoroughly enjoyable quadille moment nonetheless.

    1. Thanks, Colin. I was not thinking about relationships then but the Bible passage about God allowing the wheat and the weeds to grow together until harvest time influenced that line. So, in a sense, this poem touches on human nature as well.

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