The woods

wake. Sounds betray

its secrets. Rustling leaves

make one start – could it be snakes or



The wind

teases the trees,

still budding. Birds warble

from the treetops. If I could only




echo on the

sylvan grounds. The whisper

of butterflies on air held all


The photos were taken when I visited  our (almost in the) neighborhood forest reserve two Sundays ago.   The leaves and the blossoms were mostly  still buds.


11 thoughts on “THE SOUNDS OF SPRING

  1. These are amazing spring shots, Imelda. And you actually saw a…snake? Lovely variety of photos and great composition. It looks like the sun was out as well 🙂 I really like the world ‘spellbound’ in your poem. It’ a wonderful feeling, to be spellbound and be captivated and in awe of the beauty that is around us 🙂 Hope you get to go out again for a nice walk soon. Take care.

    1. Yes, it was one sunny day when I had this walk. I think it was the first sunny day we had in a long while and it was exhilarating to be able to walk on my own and linger where I wanted to linger. Normally, I walk with my family and it is hard to focus on things when children demand so much attention. It felt like a short vacation and all the sights and sound were refreshing.

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