After a rainy spell, I stepped into the sunshine of a spring afternoon  to go to the blooming cherry tree near the city green which was about a mile away. I did not particularly relish walking on city roads, busy as they were even on a Sunday afternoon. Fear of getting run over by oncoming vehicles chased away any creative thought that  might have initially teased me. However, not even the unpleasantness of crossing busy roads could stop me from being close to that  cherry tree which seemed to be the only one in a public place in our city. All my weariness dissipated the minute I stood under its pink canopy  flowers. The glow of the petals lit by the spring sunshine washed over me and filled me with joy. I took as many pictures of the flowers as I could, unmindful of the staring passersby. I savored the moment, a moment just between me and the tree, a moment not so different from time  spent with a good good friend.

the glory of spring
cherry blossoms in full bloom
time passes too soon

It has been awhile since my last post.  Poems and pictures and coherent useful thoughts do not come easy these days.   But,  Spring has finally finally settled in and it is wonderful.  I hope you are having a great season wherever in the world you may be. 🙂

For DVERSE’s Haibun prompt – TAKE A WALK.

DAILY POST – Astonish (for flowering trees always astonish me). 🙂


23 thoughts on “CHERRY BLOSSOMS

  1. Such a lovely tree. I imagine it as being a balm for your soul, that spending time with its blossoms might feel healing and nurturing to you. With the first photo I get a felt sense of sinking into the delicate flowers. Lovely.

  2. Crossing a busy road can be unsettling, definitely agree with you on that. Good to hear you made it safely and these are some amazing shots. Beautiful pink canopy for Spring 😊😊😊

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