The morning air was sweet
with the songs of birds
back from their winter retreat

Atop the beech tree, I saw
the blue and white of blue jays
I was quite in awe

to see four birds all at once
Have they caught their worms
to party like old friends?

But then, quick as wink
all four took to the skies
with a rush of wings

they vanished before my eyes
and up, up on the tallest maple
they just as soon materialized.



Blue jays are a rare sight in our yard.  I wonder whether the reason I rarely see them is that they are a morning bird and I am not.  However, one early morning some days ago,  I heard the unmistakable cawing of blue jays.  I was barely able to locate them when, elusive as they are, they flew away.  Two of them went to the highest branch of the tallest  maple tree in our yard while the other pair flew farther away into the neighbor’s tree.  I aimed my camera (with a 200mm lens) at random and the  picture above was the best shot  I got.     I was pleasantly surprised to see the action captured in the photo.  I cropped a good chunk of the picture to show the birds better.

12 thoughts on “EARLY BIRDS

  1. Delightful! Blue Jays are year round in our area. They frequently visit our
    feeders in the winter and scold my husband in the morning if he is too slow
    bringing out the peanuts!

    1. I am envious. We do not have as many birds in our yard – maybe because we are too sparing with the treats. 🙂 There used to be birdfeeders in the bushes of our home. But silly me (I am so much wiser in hindsight), I had them removed when we cleaned out the yard when we first moved in and did not have the good sense to put the feeders back. We might just have had a nicer relationship with the winged friends had I been wiser.

  2. Great capture and i love the poem that described your heart sentiments 🙂

    i hope not to turn my back on blogging again, i miss the community here — although, I am rather sad that there have been many who have not written much lately. wishing you well, Imelda

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