Image by Catrin Welz-Stein which she kindly allowed to be used as prompt for DVerse Poets’ Pub. As the prompt using her photos appeared sometime ago, February 13, 2018 to be exact, I hope that I can still properly use her photo for this piece that I started to write when the prompt appeared but only finished very recently.

Stars behold the wonder of her
daughter of the seen and unseen
of the finite and the timeless

Yet naked eyes see only what sight would allow –
the form and the lines that make her
appearance, an organic shape that becomes

what perception makes. She’s beautiful
she’s plain, she’s charming, she’s mean – she is
what senses judge her to be. What lies beneath

is her mystery, safe from the vulgar
touch and tongue. There, in her sanctuary,
her true self communes with the heavens.


Ah! Happy chance that this piece was completed and posted on a day dedicated to women.  Happy Women’s Day!


Linking with DVERSE’s OPEN LINK NIGHT #215


17 thoughts on “SHE

  1. So apt for the celebration of the day, and regarding these lines:
    “There, in her sanctuary,
    her true self communes with the heavens.”
    I do nothing ephemeral and damaging will ever be able to penetrate to that holy place.

  2. Happy Women’s Day! How sweet that you completed and posted this piece today! I like the last line a lot. The inner sanctuary, an expansive powerful place.

  3. Excellent write for the occasion. It is indeed, more than the shape and form, the mystery that lies beneath makes a woman so … beautifully womanly. Happy Women’s Day, my friend.

  4. Timely for today. What lies beneath all of us is so much potential, another great person. Our true self is always rather quiet and only us and the powers around us – and maybe very few persons – will know. We are all strong underneath it all. Beautiful poem again 🙂

  5. Yet naked eyes see only what sight would allow – sigh…. i m literally swooning right now 😍

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