Winter breeds black roses
in a soul stripped of warmth.
Darkness broods in isolation
begrudging the probing light.
Tar flows in sullen veins
fills in the spaces
wounds had carved. Hands grasp
at brittle sunbeams
that cold had made sharp.
Flowers fall into the ground
marking the spot where hope once stood.
Stars blink out of the firmament
tolling distant bells.


Inspired by the Florida shooting, linked with DVerse’s Poetics:Β  Finding Emotions and Concepts in Things


21 thoughts on “WINTER

  1. Poignant and deeply moving. Such sad times. I find your words comforting.
    β€˜Stars blink out of the firmament…’ speaks to me of how far reaching this event has been. Internally and into the universe.

    1. Thanks, Amaya. That is quite an accurate description of what this piece is about – the darkness in the soul soul of the individual and the soul of society as a whole.

  2. As the others have said, this poem takes on a sombre tone. In the darkest times sometimes it feel like all is lost, even the brittle sunbeams you mentioned we can’t even catch or feel – and all around us we see and feel darkness and loss. Lovely photo to go along with your words as usual. Looks like it’s Spring for you in your part of the world. Hope it gets warmer soon πŸ™‚

    1. Sometimes, what happens in the world, with people, can make one, and society/the world itself, a bit helpless and despondent.

      Spring’s well on its way, it just had a little wintry storm hiccup. But the bulbs are starting to pop out. πŸ™‚
      Have a great weekend, Mabel. πŸ™‚

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