The quiet of butterfly wings
as they glide in the air
speaks of grace that need no herald
nor fanfare, and ever
brings mindful hearts wonder.

Written for DVerse Poets’ Meeting the Bar Prompt – Brevity.  Frank wants folks to write a five-line or shorter poem.   I chose to write a modified tanka  with 8-6-8-6-6 syllable lines.



32 thoughts on “BUTTERFLY

  1. this is so beautiful Imelda! a butterfly is a sign from heaven, not sure if i have said that to you before but i say it often enough as it has been that to me, you words echo my sentiment and you write it better than i can say it. beautiful again!

    1. Thanks, Gina. 🙂 Now that you mention it, I remember that butterflies are considered as signs back home, especially a black butterfly which we call a Mariposa. Although I do not know if I will consider them a sign of joy or not (maybe, depending on how one looks at it) because it was associated with a loved one who has passed on.

      1. yes it symbolises to me the loved one who has passed is now at peace in Heaven, it brought me comfort. We take what signs we can from this world and never judge others who may not agree. God speaks to us in many different ways, we need to be still for His presence.

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