Photo art by Catrin Welz-Stein who graciously allowed the Dverse Community to use her artworks for poetic inspiration.


When the world tipped over
and its bowels hang
upside down
the fail-safe was Woman,
she who delivered


DVerse Poets Poetics – Inspired by Art

11 thoughts on “A SECOND CHANCE

  1. i chose the same artwork Imelda dear and read with more scrutiny those who also chose this girl in the tea cup. so interesting how we each see her and the message she delivers. i took the word fail safe to mean what it would it my line of work, as i was positive you had a hidden message there. I hope i am not presumptuous by saying you had thoughts of her redeeming the world with minimal injury or harm?

    1. Two ideas played in my head for this artwork. The first was simply about coffee and me essentially. But the other one, the one that was posted here, was inspired by my Catholic faith. When the first humans, Adam and Eve, fell into sin (i.e., when the world tipped over), God gave us hope of redemption through a Woman who would crush the serpent’s head and bring salvation by giving birth (delivering) the Savior. That woman was the Blessed Virgin Mary. So, this piece is actually a religious/spiritual piece

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