He made a thoughtful list of gifts
he wanted to get at Christmas
He checked the list once, then some more.
His folks would pick his choice for sure.

He wanted to get at Christmas
things his young heart truly desired –
toys and things that will bring him joy.
His eyes shone bright with excitement.

He checked the list once, then some more
There could be no room for mistakes.
He made sure to have what he liked,
he could not wait to open his presents.

His folks would pick his choice for sure.
Christmas morn could not come too soon –
unwrapped boxes brought him some tears-
he compared his gifts with others’.

Merry Christmas season and a happy new year to all of you.

I never meant to be away from this space for so long but all the Christmas busyness took center stage.  Now that all the preparations and anticipation are over, I can breathe and just relax.  We are presently in a family visit in Maine where the temperatures are below zero.  We dare not go out unless necessary.  The wind is icy.  One can literally breath in frost out there in the cold.  It is, however, sunny today.  Better be careful when looking at the snowy landscape – the brightness can be blinding.

I hope all of you had a wonderful celebration (for all those celebrating).  May the peace and joy of God be upon you always.  A very happy new year to all. 🙂

22 thoughts on “A BOY AND HIS PRESENTS

  1. a very blessed Christmas I am sure you have had Imelda and now I wish for you a peaceful and joyful new year. love this melancholic poem, reminds me of me and my siblings writing letters to Santa.

    1. Hi, Gina. 😊 a blessed Christmas and new year to you as well.

      Let me just say, your profile pic is gorgeous. Your big smile brings joy. 💙

      1. happy new year to you too Imelda! and I hope you had a peaceful and joyful Christmas. Thank you on the lovely compliment, I want to smile more this year after so much sadness in the past year, I need to be the light. You have a very engaging smile too my dear.

    1. Hi, Colline. Thanks for dropping by. 😊 I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a blessed new year.

      The boys did get things from their wish list but got a little envious when they saw what was on their brothers’. 😜

  2. What a lovely poem…about a kid might not getting what he want for Christmas 😀 Then again, a gift is a gift and sometimes we are plesantly surprised. Enjoy your time in Maine. It does sound cold there. Maybe you need a cup of hot chocolate or coffee to warm yourself up 🙂 Happy New Year and best wishes for the year ahead 🙂

    1. A blessed new year to you and your family. I am sorry for this late late reply. THis is the first time I get to sit for an extended time in front of my desktop which is my computer of choice for blogging. 🙂

  3. A great poem… I guess Santa Claus let us al down back in our childhood days. And yet… I remember those joyful moments and cherish them. Happy New Year, dear Imelda. Sending love, across the miles ❤

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