This garden of roses
is my garden of sorrows
thorns push
against my skin
drawing  blood
in scarlet patterns.

I wish I could
the sweet fragrance,
the velvet charm
of the flowers,
but pain overwhelms.

I look to the heavens
for deliverance.
What will I be
when my prayers
are answered
with silence?

This poem was written a few months ago for an Instagram poetry prompt.  However,   for one reason or another, this was not posted in my instagram wall.  I am linking this now with DVerse Poets’ Open Link Night.

And speaking of the Pub, I am happy and proud to announce that DVERSE’ Anthology, Chiaroscuro,  is out already and available for sale via Amazon.   The book includes works of the habitues of the pub.  I am honored to say that two of my works have been included in this book.  Much thanks go to Bjorn Rudberg and Grace Guevarra (I am sorry if I have forgotten anybody else) for the work that they put it to put the book together.


I am also happy to say that my poem, Scent of a Soul, has been featured in the BEZINE’s December 2017 issue which has for its theme A Life of the Spirit.  You can find my poem here.  Thank you very much in advance for visiting the magazine and my work as well. 🙂

Thank you all so much for being here. 🙂



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