A 2012 picture of our garden when theWesterland roses bloomed so well.


Let the moon hide day in its light
and keep at bay the dark of night
to her bosom my wings take flight
Weighed by my plight. Weighed by my plight.

My old wounds bleed, please stem the tide
of bitterness welling inside.
The maw of darkness opens wide
In you I hide. In you I hide.

You are the solace of my soul
In troubled times, you keep me whole
that I can be at Sunrise’s call,
There, standing tall. There, standing tall.


To honor the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Linking with DVerse Poets’ Pub where Victoria asked the folks to write using symbolisms.  The form used is monotetra.



9 thoughts on “REFUGE

  1. I thought today might be at the source of your poem. Mary is such a comfort for us and an ideal. Today, at Mass, we heard of “do-overs.” How we have the chance to do-over our messes–thanks to her son.

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