PATINA (A Quadrille)

My skin crunches* to the touch
like withered petals
pressed in a book
aged and well loved.

Its bronze has lost its luster.
Its softness wears the patina
bequeathed by time.

But knowledge flows in my veins
wisdom powers my bones
and I am.



For DVERSE’s Quadrille prompt – Crunch, courtesy of Whimzygizmo.

Daily Post:  Patina

Mundane Monday Challenge


* Having discussed this term extensively with a native speaker, I am a little wary about whether I used the word properly or not.  When I wrote the piece, I was imagining the sound evoked by the word.  My consultant says ‘crunch’ is beyond a mere rustling sound that I may have associated the term with. I’d appreciate feedback. Thanks. 🙂


16 thoughts on “PATINA (A Quadrille)

  1. But knowledge flows in my veins
    wisdom powers my bones
    and I am.

    Yes, and the confidence generated carries the day!


  2. Beautiful write, Imelda. The “I am” speaks volumes here — be it the transcendental Great “I am” (if the “book” here refers to the Word) or the Descartesian proposition of self and knowledge. Wondering if you’re intending one or the other … or both.

    1. Thanks for a thoughtful comment.

      I used “I am” in the latter sense. In that statement, I wanted to convey the fullness of life the speaker has (and on a more mundane level – I was looking for the two words that would complete the 44 for the quadrille – and those two were the only ones that made sense. 🙂

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