Washed by
Rain, glows in
The street lights, Turns
A dreary day to
A magical moment.
Darkness retreats before joy
Hope sings to the rhythm of rain
Blessed Silence calms the restless dreams
When morning comes, my heart is new again.

The horizon lights up in golden hues
Shadows dissipate into nothing
My eyes contemplate the beauty
In the chaos of my soul
I have been shown mercy
My heart leaps for joy
In praise of God
I sing hymns


Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Yesterday, my family and I traveled to Maine to be with the extended family for Thanksgiving. We drove for about six hours in thethe rain. The day was rather bleak and dark, even windy. The drive was such that my husband who has been making this trip for ages missed his exit on the interstate. As a result, it took as an extra 20 minutes to get to my in-laws’ place. All’s well though. Right now, the kids are having a blast with their grandparents.

About the poem, the beginning of the poem was written during the trip. When I finished the first part, I knew there should be something about morning which somehow should involve gratitude. 😊

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