Darkness cloaks October mornings
even as birds serenade the sun
Blades of grass shiver beneath fallen leaves
yet glow in the splendor of their frosty crown.

And I wish I sleep the sleep of a child
peaceful and warm under layers of sheets
But duty calls and so I must arise
Rise I must while sleep is still in my eyes.

These pictures of frost-cloaked grass are old pictures.  Frost has yet to visit us this year.  I thought we would wake up to a frosty morning today because there was a frost warning last night.  Alas! That did not happen and we are expecting warmer weather in the next couple of days.  Still, October mornings are lovely as the sun comes calling later than usual.

Just a quick note, in my previous post, Yet Another Poem Aching for a Title,  I posted   a poem that, as the title suggested, had no name.  Thanks to LuAnne of Wind Rush, it did not remain anonymous for long.  Inspired by her suggestion, the piece now proudly goes by the name Autumn in a Minor Key.   Thanks again, LuAnne.  🙂

Daily Post:  Cloaked



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