We seek for things that last
in this world that passes.
We stand on time
and time obliges to carry us in its currents.
We see a moment – a flower on the cusp of blooming,
a river flowing, clouds rolling – before we are moved along.
We see  a glimpse
– never the whole-
but just a glimpse
a glance at perfection.
Sometimes we linger long enough
to grow roots –
and see love grow around us
and bear fruit. We marvel at the beauty
of lives getting more grand with time
– only to see our joys swept away
or ourselves be moved along.
Now we are here;
then we are gone.
We are tourists,
seeing only what time allows.
Then we go home,
and the world goes on
changing each moment.


Happy blessed Sunday to you all. 🙂

About the photo –

Two weeks ago, our family went for a walk by the Taunton River.  While the children were splashing in the water, a kayak glided by, catching in its paddles the sun at  5:00 in an early fall afternoon.  It was almost the golden hour for this photo.  I am linking this photo with Dutch Goes the Photo’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Hour.  I am very late for the party but inspiration and time had been hard to come by lately.


18 thoughts on “TOURISTS

  1. Such a lovely poem and photo again, Imelda. I really like the line about now we are here, then we are gone. So true. Moments can be so fleeting. One day things are great, another day can be do different for better or worse. Lovely of your children to have a play around in the water – enjoying the last of summer 😊 Such a warm light you captured 😊😊

    1. Thanks, Mabel. As always, I am behind replying to comments.
      Thanks for the feedback about the poem and the photo – the photo especially as I particularly enjoyed watching the lady and her kayak glide by. What a nice picture they made.

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