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I got the image Wikimedia.  Please click the photo to see the original page and owner of the picture. 

For want of spices,
sailors sailed
across the seas to lands unknown
braving squalls and mutinies
searching for peppers, cloves, and cinnamon
only to find their precious spice
owned by ‘savage’ tribes –
once free, then no more.

No more bland food for the conqueror.




Mish asks the DVerse Poets’ Pub patrons to serve a 44-word poem with the word “spices” or its derivative in it.   The word took me back to history lessons and the Age of Discovery.  44 words allowed me to write this  little tongue-in-cheek piece.


21 thoughts on “FOR WANT OF SPICES (A Quadrille)

  1. I love this and it is a great tribute to the maritime traditions of those great explorers and the tragedy that came in the wake of the exploration. You have captured several centuries of deep history very effectively. LOVED this.

  2. I enjoyed the alliteration …”For want of spices, sailors sailed across the seas”.
    We could easily take for granted these precious discoveries and the tragedies that ensued because of them.

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