How dark is the darkness
that takes away sense
and memories of light?

How dark is the darkness
that devours what was
what is, what will be?

How dark is the darkness
that locks one in despair
and throws out the key?

How dark is the darkness
that tricks the mind to see
escape through a window
to the ground 23 floors below?

How dark is that darkness?

I wish not to know.
No one needs to know.



For DVERSE Poets’ Pub where Bjorn challenged the patrons to bring a poem asking questions.   The inspiration for this piece came after reading  an old newspaper article (posted on FB) about the tragic life of  Filipino  actress who eventually took her own life. The only picture I had that was almost suitable for the theme was a picture of a wilted sunflower.  I edited that heavily in picmonkey until I felt the picture has the atmosphere I am looking for.  Just to be sure, I asked the opinion of my older children who (maybe, fearing my disappointment) agreed with me.  What do you think?


Because the image is a result of a layer of edits, I link it too with WPC:  Layered

Here’s the unedited original for reference.


37 thoughts on “DARKNESS

  1. I really liked the image and I didn’t realise at the beginning it was a wilted sunflower a beautiful flower, but also one that can demonstrate the reality which is that often those in despair are often able to hide their sadness behind a veil of something happier. A brave poem.

  2. I feel your grief, which you don’t “wish” to know. The older I grow, the more fragile life (both physically and mentally) seems to be. Could light have retrieved the key and unlocked the door?

    1. It did. The actress involved was quite popular and very beautiful and funny (at least on TV). It was such a sad thing when her life turned a dark turn.

  3. This is general human behaviour that we see or get affected by the negative expressions more than the positive ones failing to train ourselves to control our negative thoughts. One should understand that it’s upon us what we allow to get on our mind..the person who masters this art..is the happiest person

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