Old Queen Anne is closing her doors
ball season is almost over
Her tutu of faded flowers
Sheds petals whenever she twirls

The meadow wears a sombre hue
Old Queen Anne is closing her doors
Pouting at an insistent bee
slurping the last bits of nectar.

How the reeds pipe a mournful air
For guests soon longing for home
Old Queen Anne is closing her doors
vowing closure is not for long

Furry feet scurry to corners
Storing nuts in secret larders
While the woods are changing colors
Old Queen Anne is closing her doors.


Queen Annes and summer go together.  It is always a delight seeing this delicate flowers bobbing by the roadside.

Meanwhile, Bjorn asks the DVerse community to write using creative metaphors.   I take Queen Anne as my  inspiration to write a poem.  This one is a Quatern.  I hope it has  some metaphor to meet the challenge.   Meanwhile, kindly visit the DVerse page for more poetry and to join the challenge, too. 🙂

27 thoughts on “END OF SUMMER

  1. I love this! Queen Ann’s lace is one of my favorite wildflowers. I allow it in any of my gardens (probably to my neighbor’s chagrin!). This is a lovely poem both in content and structure.

    1. Thanks, LuAnne. Aren’t they gorgeous? I think Queen Anne’s Lace make a perfect backdrop for the other flowers. One day your neighbor will see that. 😉 🙂 🙂

    1. They mostly grow in the meadows and more rugged places. The areending mostly considered as weeds, so chances are, they are quickly pulled out once they grow in gardens.

  2. This is such a beautifully penned poem, dear Imelda. I can totally see Old Queen Anne as a personification of Summer… closing her doors, as Summer does 😉 Sending love & best wishes ❤

  3. I’ve never understood why Queen Anne’s Lace is considered a weed, it’s so delicate and lovely, and always a welcome sight by the roadsides. I love the way you’ve featured her closing her doors!

    1. I know. They look so friendly and welcoming. I think they will look perfect in a cottage garden. Incidentally, I read somewhere that Queen Anne’s Lace is a carrot relative.

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