QUANDARY (A Quadrille)

Should I rein in the words
troubling my heart
Should I set them free?

I was afraid 

I would be  spurned,
     humiliated for daring!
 I could also 
         a better 

I was dying
to know. So 

I said - 

“I love you.”

Written for DVerse’s Quadrille #40 prompt, Free,and   Rein ‘Em In! prompt courtesy of Whimsygizmo and Lillian, respectively.   The Quadrille prompt is about writing a 44 word poem using the word Free in it, while in the Rein “Em In prompt, Lillian asks the participants to use the words rain, rein, and/or reign in the poem which should have a positive vibe to it.  I am glad to be able to hit two prompts with one piece as I am not sure when the next inspiration will strike. 🙂


39 thoughts on “QUANDARY (A Quadrille)

  1. Beautiful, beautiful poem. There is so much to be risked and lost with just one sentence, a word or a simple action – especially so if it’s in a moment that matters to someone and touches the heart. As Frank said, sometimes something that is said sets us free – and then we can live with the knowledge that we did something rather than wonder ‘what if’ if we did not 🙂

  2. Somehow I missed reading this response to my “rein ’em in prompt” — apologies for the late reading. But so glad I got to it….oh yes…that first uttering of I love you….it takes a gathering of emotions and a sense of bravery. You’ve captured those moments before that first uttering so very well! 🙂

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