MINSTREL (Charley’s Half-Poem Challenge)

Frans Hals/ Der Lautenspieler/ um 1625 - Frans Hals, The Lute player - Hals, Frans l'Ancien
Pinterest Photo attributed to Frans Hals/ Der Lautenspieler/ um 1625 – Frans Hals, The Lute player – Hals, Frans l’Ancien and used by Charlie for his post


I am but a minstrel, a singer of songs.
A righter of wrongs.
And I sing to make my mistress happy.
And I sing to bring her peace.

When my voice and my lute
do not suffice,
I unsheathe my sword
And I become….

An avenging angel wielding truth in my hand
naked and unrestrained
Judgment rolls like tides of a frothing sea
blind to sentiments

“Where is your sweetness?” my mistress cries
She wounds me with her pain
Still,  I let the might of truth fall
though I die a thousand times.


I am participating in Jill’s Casting Bricks Collaborative  Challenge for September.  I find that collaborating with other writers to be not only a fun but also a rewarding endeavor.   It is amazing how different minds piece together a poem like a quilt.  The results are often surprising and exciting.

Anyway, I am completing Charley’s Minstrel Half-poem  by writing the second half.  The last two italicized stanzas are mine.  Charley  says that his piece  is a faux Madrigal.   I took it to mean that I can have some liberties with the form of my response (as long as it is almost close to the original).  Do visit Charley’s poem and Jill’s challenge page, and write your own response or challenge or both. Have fun. 🙂

8 thoughts on “MINSTREL (Charley’s Half-Poem Challenge)

      1. I have been grasping for ideas lately. It was easier to respond to a challenge than start one. I am trying to work on a first-half. I just need to add a couple more lines then see if it works. If it does, I hope to post a challenge by weekend. 🙂

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