Still I wait
For magic to come
Knowing not
What it is
I wonder if it has passed.
Was I blind?

Dappled light
Filters through the leaves
Long shadows
Stretch the trees, shorten the days.
Isn’t that magic?

Wind carries
The song of laughter
To the disquiet within.
It falls on deaf ears.

Over little things
Settling in
Cast shadows
On moments that would have been
Simply magical.

Paul asks the DVerse Pub patrons to write a poem with ‘magic’ in it.  I ask “Where’s the magic?” through a Shadorma, a poetry form said to have originated from Spain.  It has 6 lines with  a 3-5-3-3-7-5 syllablic structure.  (OOPPS!  It turns out only the first stanza is a Shadorma.   Visit the Pub and see what magic brews in there. 🙂

The pictures were taken last Monday during our late afternoon walk around Borderland Park.

*When I first posted the poem, only the first stanza was a shadorma. The rest were missing the an extra 3 syllable line. I guess I was to sleepy when drafting the piece and too eager to finish that I was not paying attention to what I was doing. 😵 I added the third 3 sylllable lines to stanzas 2-4 to turn them into a proper shadorma. Apart from that, I don’t know if they added mych to the piece though.

25 thoughts on “LOOKING FOR MAGIC

  1. Isn’t in life we lose small magical moments in the wait of big magical moments. Hope we all cherish those small magical moments.

  2. May I reblog this? I have a weekly feature for fellow writers and artists over at my blog ‘Between the Lines’. December’s theme is ‘Magic’ and I’d love to include this.

  3. Reblogged this on Between the Lines and commented:
    Our first December feature is this poem by Imelda. Sometimes it’s easy to miss the smaller magical moments that happen everyday and the wistfulness in this captures that perfectly.

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