BLISS (A Quadrille)

There is bliss
in the little things
of everyday
In the unbroken rhythm
of sunsets and sunrises
of heartbeats and breath.
My heart lifts
with the sigh of a tranquil sea.
I close my eyes
and savor the warmth
your hands give to mine.

It is quadrille Monday at DVerse and Bjorn invites us to write a 44-word poem using the word Bliss. ย Cee’s B&W Theme, small subjects, also inspired the theme of this piece. I am also linking with Paula’s Black & White Sunday: ย After and Before-Y1-07.


51 thoughts on “BLISS (A Quadrille)

      1. Yay! Jilly, I know. I checked when the month started and I really want to write something. But silly time has been disappearing from my hands lately. I think it doesn’t like me. But I will, I will try to write for the challenge. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for reminding me.

  1. I did so enjoy this bit of peace and awareness of bliss in the small things. Thanks to a post by Margret Bednar, I am starting a “bliss list”. I have a shopping list that is backed with a magnet. Never used it for shopping but I took it out of the drawer and crossed out shopping and wrote in bliss. I love this poem and the pics of yours.

    1. I have heard that it is the little, ordinary joys of life that make a happy one. I agree as I think that feeling of well being brings contentment.
      Thanks, Lynn, for the kind words.

  2. Love your Quadrille, hope you like my Elfje replies, if you’re interested I run an Eflje challenge, I’ll get back to you with a link.
    too find
    bliss in little
    things my wife so

    would be
    bliss had we
    no need looking over


      1. Thanks.๐ŸŒธ I’ll try to join your challenge when I can. There is a wordpress called Simply Elfjie. She used to have elfjie prompts as well but she does not seem to be active anymore.

  3. Apologies for being so late to the reading! Had grandkids with us Sunday through Wednesday. So now….here I am…and loving this post for “bliss.” There is so much truth to your words. We have moments of bliss every day if we just pay attention to receive them as such. A beautiful write.

    1. oh oh, no worries, Lillian. ๐Ÿ™‚ All of us have lives to live and grandchildren do need a lot of attention. In fact, they can be quite demanding (based on how my children behave with their grandfolks). Thanks for dropping by. ๐Ÿ™‚

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