Snap Dragons

It was a time of great expectations. I thought summer would be the time when I would finally be able to compile the poems I have written through five years of blogging and group them into themes. I was curious to know if even a half-decent chapbook would come out of my efforts. Alas! Other things like gardening, trekking in the woods, and simply spending time with family ate up my time. Summer is ending and I have nothing to show but the marigolds and snap dragons that still bloom profusely, the deadheads of brown-eyed susans, zucchini and cucumber plants slowly dying after being neglected when our family went on a trip, and clusters of tomatoes either ripening or rotting in their vines.

Yet, summer gave us some luscious fruits that were baked into sweet treats that delighted the children, walks in the woods that allowed the children go wild in their games and exploration and that allowed our family to go out and have fun together, and reunions with relatives. Summer gave me days not stressed by homeschooling and children who refuse to do their schoolwork which, in turn, made me a much more laid back and enjoyable companion to my children.

Star of the morning
bringing summer to fullness
gives way to the moon


Written for DVerse Poets’ Haibun Monday-What Did You Do?

Also linking with Dutch Goes the Photo’s Tuesday Challenge – Pink





14 thoughts on “WANING SUMMER

  1. A wonderful haibun Imelda! I had the same intentions this Summer and it will now be done in Autumn. I trust these things will all come together at the right time and wish you all the best with getting your book done the way you want to :o) xxx

    1. One of the hardest parts of summer for me is prying my children away from the computer and making them spend time outdoors. Oh my! whenever I get frustrated, I grudgingly wish it is school time again so that the children would have better things to do.

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