The sun, slanting in the horizon, always gives me pause. In the mornings, the rising sun casts mysterious shadows on the ground. In late afternoons, the glowing sunlight in the backyard casts a golden glow on the grass, the wire fence, and the tiny insects buzzing around. When I can, I head out to the yard to enjoy the serene light and take pictures. When I am preoccupied and cannot bask in the sunshine, I pause to enjoy the view while stifling the regret that comes from knowing that the magical scene before me  will be forever gone.

Afternoon sunshine
cascading from the heavens
flooding nostalgia


What magic a simple sunbeam brings. There are afternoons, days start to get shorter, when when the sun seems muted and sad and my heart fills with heaviness as a consequence. Somehow, I will see not the sun filtering through our dining room windows but the suns from another place a long time ago shining on people, moments, and places that have been dear and not so dear to me but which now, under the glow of the fading light, all look sweetly beautiful.

ordinary leaves
aglow with a sunbeam’s kiss
vision of Eden



WPC:  Ooh, Shiny!

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