LOSS (for Jilly’s Half-a-poem challenge and WPC: Elemental)

Moon, lost in orbit

looking for its sun, I am

a gaping silence

devouring your memory

an altar of your absence


Going Back to Dust

I am participating in Jilly’s Half-a-poem Challenge by writing the first part of a Somonka.   A somonka is a type of Japanese poetry framed in two tankas. It has love as the central theme and is a sort of a short love-letter exchanged by the persons involved.  The mechanics are as follows:


“The Somonka is:
• a poem in 10 lines, made up of 2 tankas.
• syllabic, 5-7-5-7-7 5-7-5-7-7 syllables per line.
• composed in the form of statement-response,
• often written by 2 poets, one writing the statement the other the response but a single poet can write both parts.
• titled.
• unrhymed.
• built around the theme of love.” (The information is from poetscollective.org, please click the somonka link to go to the site)

I invite you to write the response or the second part to complete the poem.  Also, please check out Jilly’s page for more of the challenge.  She has a half-piece of a Bop waiting to be completed.  Other poet friends have also posted half-poems that you may be interested to complete as well.  Have fun.

I am also linking with DVERSE POETS’ Open Link Night for the tanka. 🙂

I hope you do not think I am cheating, but I am linking the above picture to WPC: Elemental.  To me, the photo both shows, in some poetic sense,  loss and death, on the one hand, and the natural process of organic things turning to dust and becoming part of the earth again, on the other.

WPC:  Elelmental


26 thoughts on “LOSS (for Jilly’s Half-a-poem challenge and WPC: Elemental)

  1. Love this….love this as the first part of a letter, speaking of love.
    And perhaps, here is the lover’s reply

    pray not in sadness
    rather close your eyes, listen
    death is not final
    he has not silenced our love
    my song lives within your soul

    1. Oh, perfect, Lilian! The first part was actually inspired by the death of a lady we knew (and other persons in our circle who lost their loved ones). She and her husband were married for 62 years. The tanka was my (puny) attempt to capture the loss. Your piece is tender and thoughtful and just so exquisitely done. Thank you very much. 🙂

  2. I recall it was Sam Peralta who used the strain in one of the prompts. […] Somonka is a Nipponese poetic strain that is designed to be collaborative, so it is perfect that Imelda chose that as her challenge for cast Bricks.

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