No sad sighs, no footfalls stir the silence
of their resting place tucked in a forest,
in the shade of sheltering evergreens.
Their weathered tombstones lean under the stress

of remembering through the passing years
the memories carved on their moss-stained faces.
For them, no one’s been left to shed some tears
or be moved by fond reminiscences.

Maple leaves drift quietly to the ground
to spread a blanket over those who sleep.
Butterfly wings flutter without a sound
lest they bother the peace this graveyard keeps.

Oh, Souls that have been forgotten by time
God remembers you in His ways sublime.

For DVerse Poets’ Pub’s Poetics challenge, Lillian asks the habitues to write a poem with the word “shade” in it.  Meanwhile, Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge has cemetery/tombstones as theme this week.  Together, these challenges helped me put together a piece inspired by an old small cemetery close to my in-laws’ place.  Please click on either or both links to see and/or participate in the challenges.  Thank you. 🙂


20 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN

  1. Love the “maple leaves” stanza and the ending couplet. It’s true, right? I’ve visited many an old old cemetery — tombstones no longer legible or grown over with moss. There’s a peacefulness there and a sadness too. You’ve captured the mood well. So glad you posted to the prompt.

  2. I love this poem. So beautiful and evocative of an old churchyard. I love wandering round old churchyards and cemeteries. So many stories behind those stones, such peace. 🙂

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