The song of summer rises
With the waves rolling by
Ascending and descending
As seagulls flying high

The wind whistles the tune
Floating from sea to shore
And lays it down gently
At a sandcastle’s door

Staccato laughter skip
In the electric air
Playing the symphony
Of a day, blessed and fair.

Frank challenges the DVerse Pub community to write a poem in trimeter. I, essentially, don’t know what I am doing. My ears are making a guess and I hope they are not too offkey.

The pictures came from our outing at the north shore of Massachusetts last Sunday. It was a beautiful place with fine sand, cool breeze, and cooler waters. I chose a photo with three of my sons so I can link with Dutch Goes The Photo’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Three.

The symphony theme was inspired by yesterday’s Daily Post.

The pictures were taken by my honor phone and edited using picmonkey’s phone app.


25 thoughts on “SUMMER SONG

  1. Thanks for linking this, Imelda. I can hear and read three accented syllables per line. Nice song to summer. I like how the wind lays its tune at the sandcastle’s door.

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