WAR ON D (A Quadrille)


Sirens wailed and rushed into the night
fear throbbed in the pregnant air
expectant breaths waited
a drug spewing monster would die tonight
in the dark
In the zipped silence
Heads rolled, but nine times more shoot up
Black blood turns those it touched.

Victoria hosts DVerse Pub’s Quadrille night and she wants a 44-word poem with the word ‘Fear’ in it.

This piece was inspired by the recent high-profile drug-related death in the Philippines.

19 thoughts on “WAR ON D (A Quadrille)

  1. this is such a good description of a fear-filled, nighttime poem:

    fear throbbed in the pregnant air
    expectant breaths waited

    Drugs are such a horrible destroyer of our culture in this context.

    1. Thanks, Victoria.

      Yes, in the philippines, drugs have destroyed so many lives, and now, it justifies execution of people suspected of drug dealing and such.

    1. Yes, it is like a hydra in a way. This war on drugs in the Philippines, while prompted with good intention, I think, stokes the vengeful and bloodthirsty side of the people, powertripping among the police officers, and such. It also desensitizes people to the point of indifference towards the killings ofsuspected drug dealers.

      1. Ooops! 😱I was thinking that your handle was a combination of your name and surname. So, based on another presumption, aaInd because I do not normally address people by their full name, I separated what I thought was your first name from what I thought was your surname. I am sorry for presuming.😢 I got the internet equivalent case of foot in the mouth.

      2. No, haha, no worries. I was just amused to be addressed by it. You were right to think it was a name and surname, you just truncated at the wrong place. It’s a pen name to start with so I can’t blame you. In case for future use, it’s Jeren Nazuto. Too much media influence from the Japan 😊

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