Weary feet
Plod on grassy paths
Of the world
they have seen so many times
Jaded, their spring dies

Wild Lily
Flirting with the breeze
Tepid eyes
Drink deeply of loveliness
And sighs at such bliss.


These flowers are Turk’s Cap Lilies that I found growing in Sweets Knoll State Park, Dighton, MA. They are flowers native to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. They are considered as rare and/or endangered in certain places. Seeing beautiful wildflowers during a casual walk in the woods is truly gives a lot of satisfaction as writing a poem does.

The poem above is a Shadorma, a poem of allegedly Spanish origin with 6 lines in 3-5-3-3-7-5 meter scheme.  Please visit the link for more information about the form.

Meanwhile (a shameless plug here), in Light and Shadows, I wrote about another satisfying thing – gardening.    Kindly check it out if you have a love for zucchini.



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