Your  petals fall by a slow dance
like graceful swans
They glide on air
light as feather

tumbling over, getting closer
to forever.
Softly they land
on hallowed ground

giving summer its one last kiss.
In the abyss
of their absence
burns remembrance.


Frank Hubeny challenges DVerse Poets’ Pub habitues to write a Minute Poem.  A minute poem has 60 syllables and is divided into 4 stanzas.  The first line of each stanza has 8 syllables, the remaining lines have 4 each.  It is in iambic meter and has an AaBb and so on rhyme scheme.  Check out the pub for fabulous entries.

By the way, BY ME POETRY calls for poetry submissions,  among others.  I think they accept entries until August 1, 2017.  Please check out their page for rules.

7 thoughts on “TO A FLOWER, GOING

  1. ‘petals fall by a slow dance’ This is such a graceful way to describe the life of a rose. Flowers come and go each season, and you make it sound like they are delicate but so strong too. In abyss, we have memories and a feeling in ourselves of once was, but will forever live on within us. Beautifully done. Minute poem sounds like a challenging poem to write 😀

  2. I like your idea of discussing the falling petals with the flower, as one remembering the passing at a cemetery. Poignantly powerful in the narrative’s subtlety by extensively focusing on that one final kiss. Beautiful choices of words, expressive yet without distracting the quiet mourning — “hallowed ground” and “burns” in particular.

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