WATER LILIES (A Quadrille)



On the river
lilies of summer bloom
velvety clusters shimmering
on a July afternoon

like flickering stars reflected
in the dark waters
they make constellations
as those in the heavens

as the world turns
they sink in their horizon
only to be
forever gone

DVerse is back with a Quadrille! The word is Flicker.    Check out the page for some fabulous responses. Happy anniversary as well to the pub.  I thank the community for the immense help it has given me through the years to improve in this craft.  Here’s to more years, more prompts, and more people joining the community.

16 thoughts on “WATER LILIES (A Quadrille)

  1. Love looking at those lilies like flickering stars Imelda ~

    Thank you for being a part of our journey ~ We appreciate your support through all these years ~ Cheers !!!

  2. Although your poems are always beautiful, this is a recent favourite of mine. The near-rhyming lends itself to the virtues of a form structure, which bunches up the poem with lyrical, cadential phraselets (such as those musical mixes of dactyls and iambs in the 1st stanza), yet without the contrivances of a fixed form. Like a photo with sharp focus, this channels our attention to the sumptuously appealing imagery (the constellations of flickering stars — oh, Goodness me!) until the variation at the closing lines to deliver the abrupt sinking of the bloom. Perfection, Imelda.

    1. Oh, thank you, Colin. You are so kind. Your kind of comments helps me see my work with different eyes and are very helpful. Much appreciation here.

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