Plump Balloon flower buds
ready to become stars
glowing purple in the garden.
Their dream stood no chance
against eager little hands
squeezing the pop
out of the blossoms.
Perhaps, it is not the flowers
but the exploding giggles
that are the real treasure.



My children look forward to Balloon Flowers.  They just love popping the plump buds.  The 18 month old, in fact, had learned such joys instinctively.  I caught him standing by the plants happily squeezing the buds.

A #Quadrille

10 thoughts on “BALLOON FLOWERS

  1. That is so cute, the kiddos squeezing the buds. It must be something they look forward to…. Too bad for the flowers but as every season comes and goes, they will bloom again. Beautiful photo of the flowers, and they are looking bright and cheery. Hope you are doing well, Imelda. Best wishes.

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