She smiled at me
when the world was bearing me down
she smiled at me
when my soul was dark and weary.
I was a stranger with the frown.
Though I was not a joy to see
she smiled at me.


This is my story from a long time ago. The little girl, a toddler in her mother’s arms, will never know the blessing she bestowed on me that day our paths met.
Written for DVerse Pub where Paul asked folks to write about Blessings.   The form is a short and sweet rondelet   (quite useful for one running out of words).



  1. Precious! I find a most magical word in “smiles”, which connects one end to the other across a long distance (between the two “s”s, that is). Some say it’s the “longest” word in English; I’d say it’s the most shortening of all. 🙂

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