SUMMER (A Haibun)

My children run barefoot on the grass, their skin aglow from the sultry heat. Yelling and screaming, they chase each other, and when they tire, they turn on the faucet and spray each other with water from the hose. The driveway glistens, the grass soaks up the run-off water, and the roses drink of the cooling mist and stray waterdrops.

Carefree hearts exalt
blossoming in summer’s heat
ready for winter

Elsewhere in the yard, bees hum their pollinating song while they zip from one tomato flower to another. Chickadee chirp from their nests. The blueberries are purpling. Zucchini grow in the shade of their giant leaves while broccoli florets are crowning. In time, they will bless our table with their bounties.

The sun on her wings
the butterfly cuts through air
hastening to fall


It is Haibun Week at Dverse Poet’s Pub.  Grace invites us to write about summer.  🙂

Daily Post:  Sunny


19 thoughts on “SUMMER (A Haibun)

    1. Thanks, Arlene. This summer, the plants grew pretty well. It must be the combination of rainy and hot, humid days (not to mention the fertilizing I did on the vegetable garden). But as always, I did not give enough space for the plants to grow. I always underestimate how big the tomatoes can grow, and how overreaching a cucumber’s vine can get. I wish I can say the same of the roses though. 🙂

  1. Excellent work separating the two paragraphs with a haiku. I’ve done that sometimes to break up a longer write or, just because I feel like it. There are no rules about how many paragraphs you can separate with separate haiku.

  2. Classic beautiful shot! I like it a lot, Imelda and the imagery you created with your words evokes happiness and freedom.

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