This piece combines Dverse Poets Pub’s quadrille prompt – storm – and Instagram’s @fallpoetry’s day number 5 #JuneFall’s prompt – “back scattered memories”.  Friends looking out for poetry prompts for inspiration and are in instagram, @fallpoetry’s page may be of interest to you.  On the other hand, you may find my poems at @imeldasantore.




  1. This poem is ingenious. We all know how the vulture is a patient bird. It perches around the fallen and waits until they are immobilized. That is just exactly how regrets cripple and devours us. The analogy is so power. The ensemble of the lyrics and the imagery are so consuming.

    • Thank you very much for your kind comments. I very much appreciate them, Mr. Adetunji. 😊 thank you also for dropping by to read. Best regards to you.

  2. What a powerful poem. Isn’t it the truth that we’re deceived by regret. Nothing would have been allowed to touch us without His permission. Whatever we’ve done, yes, are forgiven. We found salvation!!!

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  3. Ah, regrets that gnaw at us, and thoughts obscured.
    The ending was abrupt — not sure what the beacon is, and why IT is saying that IT has found salvation. Salvation from what?
    Like there is someone on shore you know who is not tormented in the sea of guilt and that person is saying, “I found solid ground where memories don’t haunt me, guilt is gone and all is good.” ??

    • Thanks for this insightful comment. I tried to fit everything in 44 words, so some ideas may not have been fully developed. 😁 Also, I was torn between using a question mark and a period as final punctuation. I thought using a period would highlight the uncertainty/confusion between looking for deliverance and the certainty of having found it (coming to terms with the haunting memories). I guess, the latter came out stronger because of the linebreak I used.

  4. Very dramatic expression of pain well accentuated by your word layout and background image….I truly hope this is not a current ailment for you.

    • Thanks, Janice. 😊 happily, the poem is a little more dramatic than my experience maybe. But still, there are those unwanted memories that keep coming back and steal some sleep.

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