Come, breathe of my fragrance
caressing daylight’s breeze
Cradle my velvet skin
close to your heart, let my
chaste lips soothe your spirit
Color us lilac while
comely spring sustains me.




DVERSE Poets’ Pub: Open Link Night  #197

I am in internet Lalaland right now so I apologize in advance if I cannot visit your pages soon. I will catch up once I am back to 21st century internet speed.  Right now, it seems like I traveled back to the 90s when dial up internet was amazing. 😵 😱Thanks for the patience. 😊 By the way, I am now on Instagram. I hope to see you there. The link is on the sidebar. I am having a hard time using the link buttonas of the moment.



16 thoughts on “CHARMER

  1. Beautiful poem and photo. Lilacs make me think of my grandma. She had several bushes at the side of her house where I spent a lot of time during my childhood. I miss her 🙂

  2. My absolute favourite flowers. Sadly, not many of them around in my new area. But I’d never have guessed lilacs had anything to do with this sensuous poem…

    1. 😄 thanks, Marina. As I replied to Beverly, lilacs appeal to most of our senses, so it is not difficult to use lilac as a metaphor.

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