For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance. But from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away. Mt. 25:29
Will the sun still be the sun if it stops shining? 
Will love be love if it remains  hidden?
What good is a gift behind lock and key
frittering away, benefiting nobody?

Nothing I have is given to me alone. 
Nothing I have is for me to keep.  

Life is well lived when it is given away.

Now, for my little shameless plug –
Over the course of many years, I have written many poems and taken many pictures. Being a pro at nothing, many of my works, written or otherwise, are simply stored in the pages of this blog. Recently, I tried putting the pictures and poems together in one integrated work as you can see in the photo below.


As you may guess, I have begun posting my work in this instagram account. I realized that Instagram is an efficient way to keep tabs of my work as it lets me see my posts quickly, among others. I invite you to visit my page and to follow my progress, should you be interested in my progress. Frankly, it gets a little lonely without friends there. 🙂 Right now, there are only a few posts in the page, but that will certainly change in the coming days. Thank you very much.

Also, I wish to give a shout out to Ms. Savannah Hamilton who honored me by using one of my pieces for her animation project. Here is a link to her work. I hope you can give her a visit and tell her how talented she is. 🙂

A Blessed Sunday to all of you.

Daily Post:  Radiate


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