BROKEN (a Quadrille)

Dreams exploding
like detonated bombs - 
that's the sound of our prayer.
Tears cannot fall fast enough
to drown our pains - 
could they be the rain
coaxing kindness to life
or the glue patching broken 
pieces with gold.
We are wounded
and we soldier on.

For DVerse Poets’ Quadrille prompt – Sound

The photo above is a picture of my sister-in-law's sculpture, a group of exploded heads, that sits in one corner of my in-laws' garden. I have long been intrigued by its theme. After I have written this piece which was inspired by current events (in London, in Marawi City, Philippines - my home country, among others recently hit by terror), I thought that my SIL's work fit the theme.

14 thoughts on “BROKEN (a Quadrille)

  1. Oh my, this is so powerful–especially in light of this week’s terror attack in Great Britain and so many other recent egregious events. Our poor world is hurting, explosive. The sculptures are amazing, too.

  2. This hit me to the core, Imelda. Such strong emotions this evoked and I loved every single word of this. Your SIL’s work accentuated your heartfelt poem very well.

  3. your reference to Marawi brought a deep ache, my nephews and nieces are far from there but still affected by the repercussions, a sad time for us all, and your words give much meaning to their hurts now, lovely and calming words amidst the turmoil

    1. I hope things will settle down soon. I know the President declared Martial Law. I hope that works. I am praying that your relatives are safe and well.

      1. thank you. one nephew comes to Malaysia next week but my niece has to stay on for summer school, we are praying she will be safe once classes resume, last year was the hurricane that literally blew their house away, this year such unrest, please pray and thank you!

  4. This is so powerful especially with reference to this week’s terror attack in Great Britain.

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