Love casts out fear, it has been said
but I have never been as scared
as when I loved and gave my heart
to love's power and to its art.
To what folly have I been ensnared?

Alone, I fly free, as a bird
leading its wings to paths it dared
fly, with no one to lose or hurt.
Love casts out fear -

in soothing tones, it calls, I learned
and followed where my soul love steered - 
a full life seen from all its parts
as its Maker had planned.  His art,
Love, casts out fear.


Written for PAD Challenge - Day 3 - "_____________ of Love"

An attempt at writing a Rondeau.

8 thoughts on “THE ART OF LOVE

  1. Love casts out fear – this is so true I cannot explain how much it meant to me to read this Imelda, love can be like this, scary to think but it can cast out a lot of our demons we have been carrying. the right kind of love. Beautiful poetry sweet lady!

  2. Love is complex and we feel so many emotions when we are in love. As Singledust said, that is so true. At the end of the day, what’s meant to be is left standing. Love the shot with this poem. Two swans look like they are meant for each other 😊

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