He did not know what he was doing.
His brain was addled from the long winter - 
there was no more food in his part of the woods
His coat was getting dull
It was a matter of survival -
stealing into the orchard
to nibble at the blueberry  buds
just before the sun peeked in the horizon.
He was careful to stay hidden
behind the trunk of the big mulberry;
He had already made the owner quite angry
by his intrusions.
He was going to run
across the mounds of snow
just as he used to
    but he was 
    so hungry

         so hungry

             he had to eat



		as much 

		as he 
			could eat.

he did not hear
     the house door creak

     the shotgun's squeak

he did not heed
his sprinting herd

but he did 
the   kiss 




For DVerse Poets' Anthropomorphism prompt by Lillian.

9 thoughts on “SPRING DEER

  1. Poor deer. So very hungry. Not verybsporting of the gunman. You made me feel deeply for the deer. I always out out hay and corn for the deer and other critters.

  2. This one really struck a chord with me 🙂 The deer in my neighborhood have already eaten all the tulips that were sprouting in my front yard, and I was very upset until my husband reminded me that the deer got something to eat.

    1. This piece was inspired by the deer that forage in my in-laws’ place in ME. They cannot actually shoot deer (especially at springtime) though they may be itching to. What they do is to hang Irish spring soap on the bushes, spray them with bear pheromones, and such. They used to have a dog who scared them away.

  3. Oh you’ve done well with this prompt! Your pacing and spacing bring me to the ending I feel is coming but don’t want to come — which means you’ve achieved the goal of anthropomorphizing the deer. Well done.

  4. Well done. I felt for the deer too, although realising his end was nigh.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

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