PRINCESS (A Quadrille)

Her hands spread out
	like wings 
Her feet waltzed
            her balloon skirt billowing
                   and falling  in time
                  with the sparrows' trills
Her joy rings in the meadow
Her face  glows
                 with a (day)dream -
                          She is  a princess
		     The world  awaits.

She already  is.

Written for dVerse Poets Quadrille #29. De Jackson/WhimsyGizmo wants a 44 word poem with “Balloon” in it.

29 thoughts on “PRINCESS (A Quadrille)

    1. Hi, Bekkie.
      I struggled with WP’s format, too, until I discovered the preformatted text format. When you make a new entry, go to the “paragraph” pull down menu which is on your upper left side just below the “Add Media” button.. Click on the arrow down and highlight “preformatted” which is the last item on the menu. When you have done that, go to the “text” window which is on your upper right side, just right beside “Visual”. Once you are on the “text” page, you will see the


      prompt which shows that you have chosen the preformatted format. Type in the middle of these >< signs.

      I hope that helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thank you for dropping by. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Oh that is of great help! Thank you so much! I’m still not over WP changing from the left to right side. What’s up with that? Lol! Have a great end of the week.

  1. I’m no princess but this reminds me of a photo–an old one in black and white–of when I was about 4 years old with petticoats starched within in inch of their life so that I had to hold my arms out straight. Fun.

  2. i love to be a princess like this floating in the wind she could be anything even changing as she floats away – a dandelion then a butterfly and even a bubble from a child’s frothy smile! Loely Imelda really lovely!

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