SPRING (A Quadrille)

 Spring is
       It is melting 
          muddying up the ground;
             puny greens
                 pushing out
                     with their leafy might.
 Could I help
 hasten the process -
               make flowers bloom
                       than they should?
 Waiting is
    a burden 
 in due season.

DVERSE POETS QUADRILLE # 28 – The word is “Spring”



  1. When I lived in a rural area there were times when the spring mud got in the way. Now I am reminded of that when it blocks my access to dirt paths I would like to walk, but don’t because of the water.

  2. Ah yes……love that image of puny greens — made me smile. Made me think of the tulip bulbs that are way past their prime and they push up from the ground and are either too spindly, or the blossom is only a half inch from the soil.
    I always love to “force” forsythia in the house 🙂 LOVE that bright yellow!

  3. love the thought of being impatient for things to grow, we wait for spring, wait for growth and want it so much, our hearts so joyous when we see it bloom. Lovely Imelda, just lovely!

  4. I love the layout and shape of your Quadrille, Imelda, and that wonderful image to illustrate it. I can understand why you suggest ‘springing’ over Spring! Yes, let’s get on with it!

  5. Although I am fan of the delicate sprouts of spring I like the honest feel of your poem and the layout is great !!
    (In the middle of a snow storm and frozen ground, soft earth and green sprouts sounds quite appealing) 🌷🌻🌺

  6. sMiLes… hasten the process
    of Spring.. Voila.. Climate
    Change close to
    the coast oF
    North Florida
    wHeRe Spring
    comes to Winter
    and Winter
    to spRing
    cooler or warmer..
    all bets off from the norm..
    anyWay.. no sNow heAR.. year
    ’round floWers..
    beYond rainBow
    colors all..
    benefit of
    human insaniTy..
    aS TRump FloWers wiLt..;)

  7. Yes, Spring is like that.
    But remember, birth is bitter-sweet, until you (and you are right) are born. [Remembering]where we come from.
    Enjoyed the reading and the thinking. 🙂

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