Old Farm Town Road, Sebec, ME
There -  
when  I could barely make a step
when  all of me screamed of tiredness
unsure of my path
wary of each little sound
coming from the woods -
the rustle of leaves
the startled cry of birds -
I saw a daisy
wild and alone
blooming right on the road
rocky and forlorn
Could it have survived
a well-trodden path?
Maybe - 
maybe not
For sure
its beauty was a welcome respite.



13 thoughts on “DAISY ON THE ROAD (WPC: The Road Taken)

  1. appreciate the care you give even for a tiny little daisy, such sensitivity for life’s fragility, happy I chanced upon your lovely words Imelda.

  2. Wonderfully articulated, Imelda. True beauty lies in the smallest and simplest things around us. Love this shot that you took. It is a small flower, but it looks like it is happily standing tall on its own. You must have gotten down low for this shot πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Mabel. Yeah, I knelt on the ground to get this shot. Fortunately, this is an abandoned road in a rural area – hardly anybody goes this way – so I was able to focus with not much difficulty. πŸ™‚

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